Beautifully Relaxed

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Hands are exfoliated with a cleansing scrub.

Nails are then filed and shaped.

The hands are moisturised.

Basic cuticle treatment.

Nails are painted -

Using a base coat to protect the nails from staining.

Then two coats of the coloured polish are added.

A top coat is added to protect the nail polish.

Finally drying spray is added.

Approximate length of treatment 35-40 minutes.





Hands are exfoliated using a cleansing scrub.

Nails are filed and shaped.

A moisturising and nourishing masque is applied to hands.

Hands are placed in protective gloves.

Then hands are placed in heated mitts for 5-10 minutes.

Masque is then removed.

The hands and arms are given a luxury massage.

Cuticle work is done as needed.

Nails are painted using a base coat and two coats of the coloured polish.

A top coat is added to protect nail polish

Finally an oily drying spray is added. 

Approximate length of treatment is 1 hour



This manicure is as the luxury manicure, but has a parrafin wax mask.


Parrafin wax has the property of deeper moisturising the hands and is an ideal treatment for people suffering with arthritus or any aches and pains in the hands.


Manicures are beneficial to your hands and arms as they exfoliate the dead skin,

as well as stimulating the circulation in the hand and the nail bed.

This results in improved circulation and promotes healthier nail growth.