Beautifully Relaxed

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Take a relaxing journey through the Mediterranean with the citrus smells of oranges and lemons, whilst enjoying a full sugar body scrub. This will exfoliate the skin getting rid of dead skin cells, preparing your skin for the next part of your journey.


Next the Indian spices can be enjoyed, during the body balm massage, with a hand and foot ritual. This is followed by the Ayerverdic method of drizzling oils over the body.  The meridian lines are opened; the body massaged with the spicy oil, then meridians lines are closed.


Next we enter the Chinese world of beauty and lacquer with a luxury body wrap. A light body cream is applied all over the body.  Then the body is wrapped in a silk like sheet, to allow the cream to do its work while you relax.  Any excess cream is then massaged into the skin.


The final part of this journey for the mind, body and spirit, is a refreshing herbal or spicy tea, while you continue to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of “Indocean” in the studio of Beautifully Relaxed. This will ground you in preparation for your journey home.





There is one final treat, which is the aftercare, which includes a sachet to add to your bath in 3-5 days time, this is the Egyptian part of the treatment (Cleopatra’s Milky Bath).  This will lock in the moisture and leave your skin with a glorious shimmer to remind you of your relaxing Indocean treatment at Beautifully Relaxed.