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Carrier Oils




There are many different carrier oils that can be used for massage:-


ALMOND OIL – sweet almond oil is highly nutritious, is good for mature skin and baby skin, but must not be used on anyone with a nut allergy.  It has a softening action on skin, is nourishing and revitalising, beneficial for dry hands, eczema and skin irritations.


APRICOT KERNEL OIL – is easily absorbed into the skin and is good for the face.


AVOCADO OIL – this is not usually used on its own, as it is so thick. It can be added to a lighter oil, such as almond or grape seed oil.  This is nice for the face, is good for mature skin and people with eczema and is a natural sunscreen.


CALENDULA – has anti-inflammatory properties and is vulnerary (helps to heal wounds) is generally very good for broken veins, bruising and dry skin problems (face).


COCNUT OIL – it is easily absorbed into the skin and softens and soothes the skin.


EVENING PRIMROSE OIL – used internally to improve skin conditions and can also improve the skins condition when applied externally.  It is usually blended with a lighter oil, such as almond, grape seed or peach kernel.


GRAPE SEED OIL – is moisturising, regenerative, has very little smell from it and is NOT a nut oil, so can be used on people with a nut allergy. 


JOJOBA – this is extracted from the beans of the jojoba plant and is technically a wax, as it is solid at room temperature, although it melts at body temperature. When massaged into the skin, it combines with natural sebum to unclog pores and free dirt.  This is good for people with psoriasis, blocked pores and acne.  It can be used to massage in the scalp for people with dandruff.


MACADEMIA – this is a nut oil that is grown in Australia.  This is good for mature skin, as it has anti ageing properties; it is nourishing and is used in sun preparations to guard against sunburn.


PEACH KERNEL – supposedly it makes the skin secrete its own natural oils making it ideal for a face massage.  It contains mono and polyunsaturates, fatty acids as well as vitamin E.  It encourages skin suppleness and elasticity. 


WHEAT GERM OIL - this is nutritious as it is rich in protein and vitamins B and E, is effective in treating skin problems, when used as a carrier oil and has antioxidant properties.  This oil is good for stretch marks and scar tissue.




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